The woman in gold

I’m not sure I’ll always recall The Woman In Gold—

Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s celebrated oil painting—

that we three went to see at Neue Galerie

on New York City’s Upper East Side;

me, Jana, and her new boyfriend, 

who I first met at lunch 

in a quiet French restaurant 

they chose for me to hear.

I am sure I’ll never forget

 the iPhone shot I got—

Jana and Stephen beaming

by The Woman In Gold’s facsimile,

hanging near the restrooms downstairs.

Against Klint’s duplicated jewel tones

their radiant smiles meant far more to me

than the $135 million portrait upstairs,

where no photos were allowed of the Viennese

fin-de siècle famed arts patron and salon hostess,

Adele Block-Bauer. And perhaps someday I’ll show

my grandkids their parents grinning outrageously,

baby twinkles in eyes neither yet could see.



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