not yet

“I’m doing fine,” I told my friend Michelle,

at the Society of  Children’s Book Writers

booth at the Tucson Book Festival,

“Just haven’t found a soul mate,

and it‘s getting kind of late—”

 “Not yet,” she said,

“You haven’t found one yet.”

How sweet her words, 

like my parents laughing

at The Honeymooners on TV,

in our one-bedroom apartment

on Rockaway Parkway, in Brooklyn, 

New York State, USA, Earth, Solar System, 

Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Cluster,

Laniakea (meaning ‘immense heaven’ in Hawaiian)

Supercluster, and the only universe so far known.

Later that day, at the Vatican Observatory booth,

I saw Brother Guy, who I’d heard earlier on a panel

discuss astrobiology and plug his newest book,

Would You Baptize An Extraterrestrial?

I asked if we might speak and confessed

that thirty years before, I’d tried

talking to Father Coyne 

who became Director

of the Vatican Observatory,

but he wouldn’t hear me out,

my having no scientific clout,

just a calling of the cosmic kind

that left me seeking a kindred mind.

“With so much progress made in astronomy,”

I said, staring Brother Guy in the eye,

“I hoped I might be able to confess to you

the breakthrough I went through,

and what I was told I should do,

which could be my fantasy,

but might be reality.”

Brother Guy replied, but with crowds 

walking by, chatting, laughing, shouting,

I only made out his last few words. 

“I’m not ready yet,” 

he said, his yet taking flight

through the almost spring light,

as unbaptized aliens winked

 invisibly in sight.


The future in your mirror

is closer than it appears.



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