cosmic rhythm and rhymes to awaken minds

mission statement

I hope by sharing 

my story below, you

may think as I do, that Earth

is not alone, with many on track

to be guided into The Cosmic Age.

And perhaps my cosmic breakthrough

will spark one for you.

My story…

begins on April 8, 1976, my

Miracle Day, during the USA’s 

Bicentennial Year, when I heard 

Move on” enter my head, and felt

invisibly, mentally, lovingly, whisked

away to a space where I was one with

all that ever was, is, or will be, and in

the embrace of an entity greater 

than the God I pleaded with as a child

 to prove He existed, I saw my childhood

 tests with ESP, a biblical desert, and visions 

of a new world, in which children’s minds

will connect both on Earth and elsewhere 

in the universe, and I knew we’re energy

subject to change, and I was to live

a story for evolution’s sake, and

write for others moving on 

in space-time, my truths

in cosmic rhyme.


Still they came, thoughts daffy,

like a science fiction fantasy,

yet feeling more real than

 my so-called ‘reality.’


And evidently a prankster was with me,

arriving while I was supporting my dream

of writing great lit by churning out ads

for mail order items I cringed calling

‘amazing, but true,’ as if to prove

how badly precious words are abused,

and that real breaks stem from the really

amazing, but true, entity stringing humans 

along for centuries, with allegories,

coincidences, and characters—heroes

and heroines of the highest worth

to lowlife embarrassments

to the human race— 

until, with history nearing its end,

a new story is being prepped to send,

which scientists will love from the first page;

with light’s second coming heralding

The Cosmic Age.


In the midst of a world that’s cruel

my Guide gave me such hope

that I concealed revelations

that might label me insane,

yet followed as led, performing

my mission, reflecting upon my life

and that of humanity, seeking soul mates

to help transform reality, and evolving

 my voice on a journey to a new

 promised land, in which to write

 what fellow travelers 

will intuitively understand.


It’s been ages by now, but lately

I feel I’ve reached my writing plateau,

as far as I must go, aware that today

some follow unfit leaders like sheep,

while others arouse as if from sleep

to see how much better they can be,

which, per my cosmic source,

can spark an epiphany!


So, to those moving on:

keep a low profile, meditate, 

seek others on your wavelength, 

elbow bump until it’s safe to embrace, 

give good thought to science and grace,

 and accept this won’t be the first occasion

two human species co-exist, evolution

 favoring one, the other going extinct. 

Ponder well, it nearing space-time

for you to deeply think.


And If my words resonate,

welcome to the starting gate,

where I offer you my travel gift,

writing to lighten a paradigm shift.


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