Jermitdad has played a move



My bro & I play Lexulous continuously,

making moves online at our leisure,

getting emails when it’s our turn,

writing messages in a box

near the puzzle’s game board.

And lately, I’ve realized in awe,

Lexulous is a lot like Astrophysics.

On some Lexulous rounds I can settle

for the word that up until then

gives me the most points,

or I can try to go higher still,

shuffling letters, improving my skill,

learning new words to score with at will,

inventing others invalid for this game,

but excellent words just the same,

that, were I Dictionary Sentry,

I’d grant immediate entry.


As for Astrophysics, its twin,

you can stop with your latest win,

or go beyond, stay in the race,

plan for wiser missions in space,

faster data downloads,

more finely tuned scopes,

and should your calculated hopes

pay off, you’ll be singin’ in the rain,

a glorious feeling expanding your brain.


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