hi guy, bye guy

Kids with flour-caked hands 

gleefully drop balls big and small

into a tub to form impact craters,

while I, a Starry Messenger, with

Tucson’s amateur astronomy group

introduced them to meteorites at UA’s

Planetary & Lunar Lab’s Annual

 Open House, the usual suspects

surrounding me—the Dark Sky crew, 

the OSIRIS-REx team, the L5 National 

Space Society, NOAO, and more, all eager

to share their cosmic awe.

I saw Guy.

I sang to myself, “My guy, thinking about my guy.”

too shy to say, “Hi.” at first, until, my time

for a break, I spotted him looking down,

while leaving the Starfest 2016 booth,

and tapped him on his arm.

He looked up and smiled.

“Hi Guy,” I said,

his name still amusing me.

Were he ‘The One’ I’d have fun

immortalizing him in cosmic verses

thanks to energy from far-away places.

“Hi! We haven’t seen each other for a month,” 

Guy replied. I agreed, and then said that

New Horizon’s Pluto flyby made

his fall Solar System class extra valuable.

“Are you taking it?” he asked. 

I’d taken Astronomy Basics,

the first class he’d taught. “I’m not sure,”

 I replied, just as I heard a cheery, “Hi!” 

and, simultaneously,  Guy said, 

“You remember Sheri.” 

Aha! She was why, since our class ended,

I’d stopped receiving emails from Guy, 

with articles he recommended.

Sheri flashed a friendly smile.

I thought her good for Guy’s sake.

“I’d better get back to the kids” I said,

“I’ve got lots more impact craters to make.”


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