Cosmic Shopping List

So many mindsets to penetrate,
the hour growing dark and late,
those who believe in science alone,
those who mock what science has shown,
the astrologically inclined, the spirit chasers,
the egotists, bullies, prejudiced two-facers,
the selfless humanitarians dedicated to good,
the old, the young, those in second childhood.
The ones for whom every day’s a crap shoot,
others who find coincidences a hoot,
those who celebrate life in awe,
those who call everything a bore,
those who curse history’s shame,
those who kill in justice’s name,
those for whom money is king,
those who divvy up everything,
those who pray, those who prey,
those who can’t see shades of grey,
those who beg tomorrow to come,
those who wish for a past long gone,
those wise enough to act as leaders,
those no better than bottom feeders,
those for whom compromise is the rule,
those who act like a “never wrong” fool,
and last, but not least, outside of time,
poets born to play with rhyme,
often in a sentence’s middle,
life for them a Rubik’s Cube riddle,
as they race, with new stanzas in hand
towards a goal both scary and grand,
with disasters worldwide a warning;
“Accept a global transition’s dawning,
or Earth’s on its way to being no more,
from potential Eden to planetary eyesore.”



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