April 10, 2022.

This past Friday, April 8th, was the anniversary of the cosmic breakthrough in ’76 that changed my life. It was also the first time Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke about her confirmation to the US Supreme Court, her words sure to give hope to many, especially young Black girls who dream big, as they should.

 I got a few emails on the 8th about upcoming science programs, and booked a well-priced Air B&B in Saugerties that overlooks Esopus Creek. But the highlight of my anniversary day was talking to my primary care doctor, a good, caring physician. Dr. Puca said you have to know what’s going on in the news, “but you don’t have to marinate in it, and have your stress hormones being released and flooding your brain every minute of the day.” In other words, self-care is keeping up on what’s happening, but not turning it into “a masochistic type of entertainment.” Well said, I thought. We had commiserated back when Trump was elected in 2016, so we’re both long-suffering. I told him that my daughter having a child out of love gives me hope. And, actually, I’m hearing about other younger couples committing to love, children, and the future.

On Saturday, I ran the “Create An Alien” activity at Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association’s Annual Astronomy Festival at Brandi Fenton Park, here in Tucson.  I still like the word ‘extraterrestrial’ better, but Terri said nobody knew what it was when they did this activity at the Tucson Book Fair. I didn’t argue. But how silly when I had a Mexican family, and asked the boy what he thought an alien might look like and he pointed to his sister. 

Anyway, the activity was very popular, and the kids were great! They created several fascinating creatures.  Meanwhile, I told their parents it was good for children to think about cosmic visitors, because right now people don’t get along with others in their own country if they don’t look or think like them, so how open will they be to creatures from other planets? Or wherever they’re come? Who knows. And Who is not talking.

Next up is Passover for me and my Jewish tribe, Easter for Christians, and Ramadan continuing for my “Middle East Politics” teacher and other Muslims who celebrate it from April 2nd to May 2nd. And so it goes on a planet with many religions, many skin colors, many nationalities, and many states of mind.