April 3, 2022.

On Friday, April Fools’ Day, I performed on zoom with my comedy workshop group for some 50 invited guests. My long gray wig went over better than my jokes. Humor about extraterrestrials and human foibles may be too cerebral for standup. I asked my daughter for her honest opinion. Should I perform in NY? Jana texted, “You’re not going to be Joan Rivers, but if you’re having fun you should keep at it!” Not that much fun. I think I’ll put routines I like on my web site. 

After Friday’s show, I zoom-attended services in Atlanta, then my Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association’s (TAAA) meeting. I left both early. The synagogue didn’t caption, and TAAA’s captioning turned the speaker’s accent into gobbledygook. Besides, I felt brain dead from the week’s ruminating on … so many innocent people killed in the Ukraine … Will slapping Chris at the Oscars … Trump and his cohorts’ nonstop lies and lunacy … and my upcoming trip to NYC. Plus, I set up a calendar for my new Instagram account—three posts a week until June 12th Stay tuned for its start.

On the reading front, I just finished the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. Impressive! At the end, in 2014, blind Marie-Laurie—who’s lived through the horror of World War II in France—asks her 11-year-old grandson what’s that click clacking she’s hearing. He says it’s his computer game, in which he ‘dies,’ but that’s alright, because he can always begin again.

I wish violence on Earth would vanish, taking fossil fuels along with it. We say we learn from history, but do we really?

On a brighter note, as my granddaughter’s first birthday approaches, I’m thinking what an excellent mom she has. When Jana was a baby, as precious as she was to me, I craved time to write. No blame. We all have our roles to play. And Jana doesn’t have my need. She’s an artist no matter what she does. And right now she’s focused on parenting. She can relax each night, knowing she’s doing her best, living her purpose. I feel blessed seeing her blossom. And Iris! A rainbow of delight! 

Whenever I feel grateful, I wish the same for everyone. If only positive prayers could move mountains…until then, I’m closing my week with a little ditty:


Time is a gift,

differing among humans,

and changing with situations;

feeling unrushed, unstressed,

being the epitome of bliss,

like a cosmic kiss during

a long learning curve

on a rocky orb

in a Milky Way suburb.