March 27, 2022.

It’s National Scribblers’ Day; time to doodle away, and for a moment or two, forget about reality, with Putin ravaging the Ukraine, and in the USA, Trump applauded at rallies for saying gibberish. This week’s high for me was Judge Ketanji Jackson’s beautiful face as Senator Cory Booker sang her praises at her confirmation hearing, after a round of stupid questions from certain Republican senators supported my contention that two species exist on Earth, and for evolution’s sake, one’s due extinction.

My past week was mainly spent publicizing the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association’s annual Astronomy Festival on April 9th. Several organizations and newscasters emailed back, promising to promote the event at which our volunteers share their love of the sky with everyone.

BTW, April 8th is approaching. Steve Greer’s CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Contact, a three-day convention in Phoenix, starts on it. Tickets are sold out. Anyway, I want to be in Tucson on the 9th to help kids create extraterrestrials. And while I can zoom CE5 for a price, I don’t like celebrating my Miracle Day alone in a crowd. Instead, I plan to work on my Instagram, increasing my critical mass of cosmic poetry to brand me. 

Something nice usually happens on April 8th. Maybe it’s finding a great science article or quote or experiencing a coincidence; something to remind me I’m only alone physically.  

Second highlight this week was visiting my artist friend, Don Berry; it inspired a poem! Among topics we covered, for the first time Don told me—or I heard—he’d had a cosmic experience akin to mine; a sudden clarity about knowing and being everything. Maybe that’s why we’ve stayed friends so long. We both agreed we could use another lifetime. I liked Don’s philosophy; he’s learning creative skills now that he can use his next time around.  

Leaving his house, I said that my daughter sent me a book by Marie Korda, the life-changing magic of tidying up, from which my biggest take away was Marie’s suggestion to discard anything that doesn’t give joy. I said that should include people, and that our visit had been joyful to me. 

I hope my zoom performance this Friday, April Fool’s Day, with my adult ed workshop comedy group is joyful, too. I’ll do a skit about my hearing loss; a far cry from when I first noticed everyone mumbling, and tried to fake hearing, which never worked.

So, entering another week on planet Earth, I’m remembering Biden’s powerful speech in Poland yesterday, that showed me he’s doing his best to walk a narrow line, supporting Ukraine’s fight, and helping Europe to unite, while trying to keep Putin from escalating the Ukrainian conflict into a global catastrophe. And today Israel hosts a summit with top diplomats from the USA, and four Arab nations; the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain, and Egypt. Maybe I’ll witness a transition in my lifetime, some awakening to smell the cosmic coffee, while those who follow unhinged leaders get no pass to play among the stars. 


Photo by Terri Lappin from a TAAA Astronomy Fair.