cosmic rhythm and rhymes to awaken minds


Ask not what the cosmos
can do for you, but what you
can do to help it plant fresh seeds
for its greatly expanding needs;
minds in a new time and space
changing with insights, 
love, and grace.


Karen Liptak,

a native New Yorker
currently living in Tucson, Arizona,
has authored many nonfiction books for
readers all ages, including Out in the Night,
Dating Dinosaurs And Other Old Things,
Endangered Peoples,
and Native American
Sign Language.
She’s also been a filmmaker,
an editorial director, and as a guide at Kitt Peak
National Observatory, she made astronomy fun,
and hinted at major breakthroughs to come.

Her most recent writing springs
from her cosmic calling years ago, when
she heard “Move on,” as if in a wind, and felt
mentally whisked away to a space where she
learned we’re all energy subject to change,
history will be ending, and she would
live a story for evolution’s sake,
then write for those born to move on
to a higher plateau, a cosmic contact place.

…If you’ve come this far, her Mission Statement is for you.

Mission Statement



My poetry feels like a collaborative effort,
as if my muse is helping me convey messages
to awaken an evolving species on Earth.
Perhaps you will agree.





The messenger & the skeptic

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Is the Skeptic’s mysterious
late night visitor a starry messenger
as she claims, or an arrogant, infuriating kook,
as he suspects is more the case? You be the judge.
See what truths The Skeptic’s tests reveal,
in this humorous, Illustrated, rhymed
tale for a world on the brink
of a new way to think.


She said, “I’m a Messenger
of the cosmic kind.”
The Skeptic assumed
she was out of her mind.